Henna and Natural Hair

So today before work I have decided to get my henna ready for tomorrow. Henna is known to strengthen the hair, enhance thickness, and add a tint or darken depending on the hue of your hair originally. I used Rajasthani Twilight henna. I have used this henna before and enjoyed the results in my natural hair. After a treatment, I felt as if my hair was thicker, and detangeled easier. 

My Henna Mix:

1 pack of Rajasthani Twilight 

lemon juice
olive oil 

Other items needed:

plastic bowl
wooden or plastic spoon
plastic wrap or big ziploc bag 

I mix the henna, lemon juice, and cinnamon in a plastic bowl. I then mix with a plastic or wooden spoon, and then cover with platic wrap or a plastic ziploc bag and place in a window. I let the mixture sit over night (at least 10-12 hours for the color to fully develop)

I then will wakeup, wash my hair with Shea Moisture shampoo, blot dry with one of my finances tshirts (shh! don’t tell him though). This is where the olive oil, and honey come in. I mix a few cap fulls of olive oil into the mix, and put a few tablespoons of honey into the henna mix and stir it up. I then separate my hair in sections, and apply the henna mushing it throughout my hair from root to tip. I then let the mix sit all day long as I catch up on all my reality tv. Will post results tomorrow. 

Hope you enjoy

Love Turtle!

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