Maybelline Color Tattoos

7 of the original 9 Tenaciuos Teal, Audacious Asphalt,Fierce and Tangy, Edgy Emerald, Tough as Taupe, Pomegranate Punk, and Painted Purple

If you love MAC paint pots, NYX jumbo pencils, then you will absolutely love Maybelline Color Tatttoos. The colors were released sometime last year with with 9 original shades. I have 7 of the original colors and I love using them to make my eye looks pop, or even worn alone. 

If you have already been on the bandwagon for a while then you may have noticed the 4 limited edition shades that have come out within the summer months. There were 4 bright colors for summer, of which I have 2 a beautiful bright blue and a fuchsia color. 

Summer colors Fuschia Fever and Blue on By. The flash took away from the color

Now who would have thought the other night I was doing my nightly walk about around one of my favorite stores Walgreens and noticed the new Fall display for Maybelline. It featured 4 new color tattoos for fall. I scooped up 3 out 4. I left the beige one since I already have a beige primer and a white one. I must say I love these things, and not just because I have an addiction to makeup but because they really work well. These colors are budget friendly, they have great pigmentation, and dry down quickly.When you compare price to the likes of MACs paintpots, you are definitely getting your moneys worth with these products. One downside if you have oily skin you may want to put something like Urban Decay primer potion or milk of magnesia first to control oil. Once you do that the colors should last as long as you need them to. The packaging is pretty simple, just a small jar with a black base and a glass like top.As long as you keep these tightly sealed they should last you for a while (if they do dry out on you just pour a few drops of glycerin in the container and stir until it gets moist again)  Swatches of the colors I own posted below. 

Love Turtle!

with flash

New Fall colors Mossy Green, Rich Mahogany, and Gold Shimmer with flash

2 of the Summer colors Blue on By,Fuchsia Fever

Look who showed up in the pic Lucky my 6mth old Yorkie!

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