Throwing Shade with Retrocity Sunglasses

Over this past summer its as if I have just realized that there is a thing called internet shopping. Don’t judge me, but with working nights my urge to shop during regular human hours has dwindled. So you are probably asking yourself what this has to do with anything, well it has everything to do with anything. After seeing all these Youtube videos with people doing reviews and giveaways of all these great sunglasses, I asked myself why don’t I have any.
So one night I went to and started spending all my money, but it was worth it. The sunglasses I have purchased have never exceeded 10.99 a piece. The shipping is extremely fast and when I say fast, I mean I always get my shades the next day. Also seeing that they are a NC based company I just had to support. Shipping is only 5.95 as well.
The website is easy to naivgate, and even has the types of shades you may be looking for in sections. There are absoulutely a pair or two or three for EVERYBODY. I have purchased around six pairs over the course of the last two months. The first two pairs I got were the Wayfarer black sunglasses with clear lenses, and the silver mirrorred Aviators. Can you guess where I love to where the mirrorred aviators…I’ll give you a hint hand cuffs and blue lights. No, not the strip club you perve at work before the sun goes down when I’m pulling over crazy drivers.
My next order was for the gold Aviators and the Tortise Bellissimo oversize sunglasses. Both of which I love to where. The first day I wore my gold Aviators, my college roomate asked me whoses music video did I just step out of. Yes I felt fierce and they were the finishing touch to my outfit. Then a week later my fiance broke them on accident 🙁 I need another pair before they sell out once again.That is another thing about this website, if you see something you want snatch it up then, or it may just be sold out the next time you look for it.
My last two sets that I ordered were the Black Vintage Cat Eye sunglasses and the Tortise Pyro Sunglasses. So lets be honest, I didn’t like the vintage cats eyes that much. I think maybe I should try and go with the thicker framed cat eyes or maybe even the Supervillan Cat Eyes that Retrocity Sunglasses has for purchase. I haven’t worn the Pyros out yet, but this pair is definitely for people who are not afraid to be different.

Would I order again? Why yes I would, I’m actually about to pick up the black Aviators and the gold pair once again. 

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