Natural Hair Wedding

So as some of you may know, I am getting married in about 6 months. When I was relaxed I never even thought about how I would wear my hair at my future wedding, well because more than likely I would have just weaved that thing up. But now things are different, I have been natural for a year and 2 months now. I have a good amount of hair to work with, but the problem is what to do?

I have made the decision to wear my natural hair, and only my hair on my wedding day. I have been asked many times, am I going to get it pressed or flat ironed and the answer is no. I haven’t even done those things since I have been natural so why start on the most important day of my life so far, just to have it poof up. I have been going over options and favoriting Youtube videos in the hopes that I will find something that will work. In all this whenever I ask my fiance about what I should do, he just says do a twist out because he loves them.

I have given much thought to just doing the best twistout of my life, but then I think maybe I can just do a simple updo for the ceremony and let it go wild and free for the reception. The idea has really been gaining steam inside my head. I have also seen some great braided updos that I have loved, but I’m just worried about not looking like myself on my wedding day if I do that since I hardly ever wear braided updos now.

I guess in my heart I know I should just wear a twist out but then I’m like how will a viel look sitting on top of all that hair, maybe my oringinal idea of simple updo for ceremony and wild and free for the receptions is really the best option. I just wish there were some natural hair salons around eastern north carolina, that would take a lot of stress off my plate.

This was the BEST twistout of my LIFE and I don’t remember what exactly I did 🙁


Don’t worry this isn’t my wedding dress, this was one of my reception dress oprions.