Use it before you loose it

So while at work tonight I think I had a breakthrough. I realised that I have a ton of makeup that I never use. Before I got ready for work tonight I saw that I had two entire urban decay palletes that I have never ever ever ever used at all. so I decided that I am going to do looks from those pallets exclusively for the next week or at least on my days off. I realize now that I am a makeup addict. On Facebook im apart of a makeup group, and they are trying to do a no buy challenge until the start of the year. I think I may seriously consider participating at least till Black Friday lol.

* I already put it in my budget to buy about three more OCC liptars so those don’t count*

Also the group im in is called MAKING IT UP Its a closed group on facebook, so your friends won’t see how much of a crazy makeup loving lady or gent you may be 🙂

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