My shower is my new best friend!

Over the last few weeks, I have been stocking up on Shea Moistures body scrubs. I love those things with a passion. I have around three of them sitting in my bathroom as of now. I have the Olive Oil, Lavender, and the Coconut one. I have also tried the Lemongrass, would have got another but it was not in the store when I went to reup the other day.
I used the Lavender one this morning, it has a very strong lavender scent as to be expected. Inside the jar I had you can actually see some of the flecks of the orchid flower. It also doesn’t seem to have the same amount of oil as the Lemongrass and the Olive.  I know one thing, after I stepped out the shower I was felt like sleeping. On the label it says it is hydrating, healing and calming. Either I tricked myself into a state of relaxtion, or this scrub is the truth during a shower before bed. The scrub itself seemed to be a smoother grain, when compared to the Lemongrass and the Olive Oil.
The Lemongrass scent, claims to be uplifting and purifying. I must say that this was the first scrub that I purchased from the Shea Moisture brand. I enjoyed the thickness of the grains of the scrub, I loved the lemon scent. I mostly would use it when I was just getting up, and wanted a boost of energy. The smell of lemons have just always made me feel happy. I would definitely buy it again.
Olive Oil and green tea has to be my absolute favorite out of all of them. I have already went through almost two jars of the Olive oil one. It leaves my body feeling spectacular. As soon as I rub it in my body and step out the shower, I don’t even need to use lotion afterwards. I just can’t explain how much more I enjoy taking a shower, knowing that I get to use these scrubs while I’m at it. The claims on this one is that its ultra moisturizing and has anti aging effects. I don’t know about the anti aging, but I can atest that this scrub is the business when it comes to keeping moisture in the skin.
I just purchased the Coconut scent last night, so I can’t review it yet BUT if its anything like the others I will love it.
You can purchase these scrubs from Walgreens and Target. They retail for around 8.99-9.99.

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  • I've been eyeing these in Target for so long now, wondering if they would make my body feel as good as the hair line makes my tresses feel. Thanks for sharing your review, girlie! I think I want to give these a try now =)