Enter the lady cave, a work in progress :)

I was still unpacking stuff

Since my fiancée loves me so much, he decided to do something special for me. He built me a walk in closet/lady cave in the our smallest bedroom in our NEW HOUSE :). We went to lowes, and purchased a complete closet kit. It came in at around $145.00. It took him about 3 hours to put it together, at least thats what I think since I slept through the process since I worked the night before. I woke up after the process was done, and all his buddies were here. I then moved an old bookshelf upstairs to place my nice shoes, and boots on. I hung up my Zeta pics, and started to bring my clothes upstairs to fill up my new closet.

I have many ideas about how I want the closet/ladycave to look. Pinterest has been flooding my brain with ideas as to how to decorate the room. I plan on painting an accent wall a nice purple shade. I also have to make my rack for all my ear rings, which I saw on Pinterest as well 🙂 I also plan on getting a pretty accent rug to place in the center. I also wanted to get a small sofa, so I could lounge around in style. Also if anybody knows where I can find a cheap black vanity, Im all ears.

The room is still a work in progress I will post pictures, as I complete certain areas of the room.

im going to get another bookcase to stack more shoes on soon.



thats my wedding shoe


the cats are already trying to take over