TLB: Natural Beauty of the Week!!

We are here with our second post with Ms. Natural Hair herself!!! If you don’t know she has been the banner picture for the Natural Hair page on facebook for a while now. Check it out

1.What is your name, age, and where are you from?
Tamilla Mullings
Miami, FL

2. Why did you go back to natural?
I went back natural for the 3rd time because I feel that it is so FREE and LIBERATING…

3. Transition or Bc
I did the BIG CHOP

4. Do you feel your style has changed since becoming natural?
I would have to say yes a little, because I am more open to wearing bolder colors and not be afraid of what people will have to say. Being plus size, you are always being watched and critiqued about how you look and what you wear.

5. Favorite hair accessory?
My flower clips

6. Favorite products?
Right now my favorite products are Keracare, Eco Style Gel and my Virgin Coconut Oil

7. Do you have a regimen ?
Wash, DC on the weekends and twist. I wear a twistout for about 6-7 days. I’m pretty simple with SashaBlack (my hair).

8. What advice would you give to new naturals?
My advice to new naturals would be, before making that change you have to LOVE IT!, OWN IT! AND JUST GO FOR IT!!! Also, you MUST HAVE LOTS OF PATIENCE… Enjoy your journey curlies, BLESSINGS! <3

9. Ways to stay connected online?
Twitter: @MsTea28
IG: @mssassydiva7 (you must have photos in order for me to follow back, sweeties :-))