Review of Ben Nye Final Seal

Being in a makeup group on facebook, tends to make you want to buy more than the normal person. Especially when everyone in there seems to be makeup fanatics and showing you the latest and greatest in makeup. Well I was introduced to this product, the Ben Nye final seal. It is supposed to keep your makeup from moving and transferring onto things throughout the day. I purchased the 2once bottle from makeup mania about three weeks ago. I used it for the first time on Thanksgiving. Upon spraying for the first time, I felt like I had just sprayed a bottle of mouthfresh. The smell is very intense and mintly for a few seconds. I sprayed it about three times on my face, letting it dry down after each application. I made sure to follow the instructions and avoid over saturation of the face. It didn’t affect the way my makeup looked after spraying it on. It dried down to a matte like finish on my face. I touched my face a few times throughout the day to see if there was major transfer and I’m happy to report it stayed in place. I didn’t really test it on my clothes, because I was in my good outfit lol. But I will give it a try on some old tshirt, so I can figure out how many sprays are needed for no transfer on clothing. When it was time to remove, I had to use three makeup wipes. The makeup really didn’t want to move off my face. All in all, I say its a good product and definitly worth purchasing if you have the same kind of problems with makeup transferring throughout the day.

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