Welcome Back To Turtle Loves Beauty

So, let’s try this again shall we? I started a blog about 4 years ago, I loved writing posts and creating content. Then life happened and well here we are, ready for a fresh start. So let get started!

What should you expect from this blog?

I see this as a continuation of my YouTube page Turtle Loves Beauty (subscribe to my channel, if you haven’t) on there you will find a mix of videos on an array of topics. I have everything from hauls, hair reviews, makeup swatches, my infertility journey, and any and everything in between.  I’m basically an open book ready to share my knowledge with others.

Why is your name Turtle?

So my real name is Kameko, and it basically means child of the turtle or tortoise. People started calling me Turtle after they found out and it’s stuck ever since. It’s funny people will see me in the street and be like “Hey Turtle!!!!”

Why should you subscribe to my mailing list?

Because a Nigerian prince will send you a million dollars by email. Sorry guys, that’s not true but you will be able to read all about my new posts, and you will know exactly when they post. So WIN WIN. Basically, I think you will like my content, and what I have to say about some things.

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