Universal Standard: Clothing for the Fashionable Plus Size Woman

No more compromising. It’s time to #SetTheStandard.


Universal Standard that is. I recently had the privilege of being able to try out some pieces from Universal Standard. They are a company that specializes in creating a line of modern essentials, with a chic, downtown but classic aesthetic. These are pieces that you can wear no matter the season, that will alway give you a modern but put together look.

Initial Thoughts

I own three pieces from the brand so far, the V-Rex shirt in black, the Thames Fog top in black, and the Mosman Leatherette Skirt.  What I first noticed when I received my package is the box that the clothing was placed in. It was so cute and sleek, I loved the white box with the simple black lettering on it. The pieces were then covered in a simple black wrapping paper. The first item that I got to get look at was the V-Rex shirt. This shirt is made out of Peruvian cotton, I don’t know if that is the softest cotton possible but it definitely feels like that every time I wear it.

If you are into sexy pieces, then the Thames Fog top is a must to own.  Look I’m a plus size girl, and I don’t normally feel sexy in clothing that exposes my body like this but baby when I tell you this top is amazing!! It retails for $60.00 USD, but I think it is worth the price. I think this top would look best with a black or nude bra underneath. I went with a dark brown mainly because I couldn’t find my black one. The sleeves on this top allow your arms to move freely. Meaning you won’t have to worry about your arms feeling constricted and looking like stuffed sausages.

Mosman Leatherette Skirt - Black

Now for my favorite piece, the Mosman Leatherette skirt. This skirt gently hugged my curves and created a sensual silhouette that my husband could not wait to comment on. Customers should expect to find a skirt with a shiny vegan leatherette in the front and a smooth matte bamboo fabric on the back of the skirt. It also has the appearance of a wrap skirt, which adds to the sleekness of the overall piece. 




The sizing from Universal Standard creates a nice sense of simplicity when selecting pieces. Sizes range from 10-28 but divided up to read from XS-XL.

  • XS 10-12
  • S 14-16
  • M 18-20
  • L 22-24
  • XL 26-28More looks for Mosman Leatherette Skirt - Black in Universal Standard


Thames top and Mosman Leatherette skirt

Prices range from $50.00 to $280.00 USD. The cheapest clothing piece is for the staple t-shirt, and the most expensive is the Regina Gown.  The price point is a little steep for me, but the pieces are beautifully made. Universal Standard also offers something that I have never seen with another brand, it’s their UNIVERSAL FIT LIBERTY. This policy lets you exchange any piece from their Core Collection with the current size that you have fluctuated. I don’t know about you, but this is an amazing policy. I am currently in the process of sending back my V-Rex in black because I lost some weight and now need a smaller size.