Your pregnant now what: Testing in the First Trimester



So you have a bun in the oven, you are feeling all kinds of emotions and suddenly your thinking when will I be seen by my Doctor?

Being that I am seen by an RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist), I was able to be seen the next day after getting a positive test. Once there they scheduled a blood draw to ensure that my HCG was at a level needed to confirm pregnancy. Once they get the results of your blood draw, you will get an additional appointment about 2-3 days after. This is a way for your Dr to see if your HCG levels have increased at an adequate rate.

Once your levels have been determined to be rising steadily you will then do your first-trimester blood draws. This will usually test your thyroid levels, blood type, progesterone levels, estradiol, RH, Stds, and any other tests that your Doctor deems necessary.

After getting blood work done, you will be looking forward to your first scan. In the clinic I go to, I got a scan at 6wks, 8wks, and 10wks. At most RE offices you will graduate from their care by week 10, my office made an exception and let stay with them for an extra 4 weeks until I move over to my OB. People who tend to be under the care of an RE have more scans than women who are just under the care of an OB. The average number of scans with an OB are 3-4 for the entirety of your pregnancy. Don’t worry if you don’t get as many scans, people who do generally have had some kind complications in a prior pregnancy or in the current one.

Another thing you can look forward to in the first trimester is NIPT (Noninvasive prenatal testing). This is a blood draw taken directly from the mother, there is no risk to the fetus at all with this testing. This test will check for chromosomal abnormalities, and gender. I have done this for both of my pregnancies and loved the fact that it gave you such detailed information on the risks for your child, also we got to find out the gender super early. The test itself takes about 7 business days to come back with the results for your child. You can even do this testing for multiples. Our testing was done through Natera and was covered by our insurance, due to my history. If you are over 35 or your Doctor deems it medically necessary your test should be covered as well.

Last up for the first trimester is the nuchal/anatomy scan, this usually happens around 11-14 weeks. This test checks the fluid of your babies’ neck. This assesses your developing baby’s risk of having Down syndrome (DS) and some other chromosomal abnormalities, as well as major congenital heart problems.

So these are the test you have to look forward to in the first trimester. Are there any other tests that you had with your pregnancy? If so list them below.