Wig Wearing 101

If you found this blog you may be interested in wearing wigs. Whether that be out of a medical need or just for vanity’s sake this is the blog for you. I will give you the tips and tricks, I use to make my synthetic and human hair wigs look as natural as possible.



When it comes to choosing synthetic versus human you have a few things to consider. Pricing, styling options, wearability, and longevity are what I look for.

A lot of times I choose synthetic units because they offer so many different color combinations. They offer a versatility that would take a lot of time and effort to create in a human hair wig. Synthetic units will be cheaper to purchase as well. I generally pay around $15-$40 per synthetic unit. They last a long time due to the fact I don’t wear them daily and I keep them properly packaged when not in use.

With daily wear, I would expect a synthetic wigg to last about 3 months. After that, you may need to invest in another. These wigs are also easily available at beauty supply stores, so you can always find a good look in a hurry.

When wearing these sorts of units I find it best to leave a few my edges out to help create a more natural appearance. Depending on the type of unit you are wearing, you may have to slick down your edges with a pomade or gel of some sort.


Human hair wigs are extremely versatile. You can dye them, add heat, curl, flat iron etc. You can treat these units as you would treat your normal hair. That also means that these units will require more maintenance to keep them looking their best.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kbh40LjZmmE&w=560&h=315]

This is one of my favorite cheap wigs that you can purchase on Amazon!!

As you can see I love adding color to my human hair wigs. Luckily I have a great stylist on hand who can create all of these fun color combos I love. You can follow my wig maker and sister Tosheba on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.





Taking care of a wig requires the same level of care that you normally would do for your own natural hair. You will need to shampoo and condition them frequently especially when you have applied products to them. I like using my Coconut Oil shampoo from Soapbox and the Tea Tree conditioner on my human hair units.

After washing the hair, I like to let them air dry as much as possible. For curly hair, I like to hang them upside down to dry to ensure a good amount of volume. After drying I will style them on my wig head. That way I can create a perfect look on the wig while being able to see every little piece of the hair and how it lays.

After styling, I will spray the wig with a light holding spray and a sheen spray. Then you are ready to put it on and go.

Putting on a Wig

I have inserted one of my videos on the steps I take to put on my lace front wigs. I like wearing these because they give me a natural appearance, with the ability to style as I see fit.


To aid you in your wig wearing, you will need a few items. A good wig cap is essential to making sure that your hair is as flat as possible underneath the wig. You can find them for around $2.00 in most beauty supply stores. Secondly, you will need to have some sort of adhesive if you plan on securing the wig in that way. I personally am a fan of Got2B Glue hair gel and Got 2b hairspray. I now mainly use the spray because it is honestly the fastest way to apply my lace fronts and not worry about them coming off during the day.

To use the spray, you would just spray it over your hairline, blow dry the area for about a minute and repeat once more. You would then apply your wig one side at a time, creating the perfect seamless look. Voila, you have a wig that’s not moving until you wash it off.

You can also use legitimate glues like Ghostbond or Bold Hold which comes with tape and a waterproof glue. I’ve only used these methods a few times and did not like the removal process. It took a lot of time and effort to remove the product from the lace itself. You also have to be extremely careful during the removal process some people may experience hair breakage when not following removal steps properly.

If you are not a fan of gels and glues then you can apply an elastic band to your unit. This will give you an extremely flat appearance. It also is a comfortable way to ensure that your hair does not move during the day. I like using elastic bands on my wigs, this makes it easy to wake up and throw on some hair. For extra security, I may add a dab of spray to my widow’s peak area but other than that no other form of adhesive is used. There are tons of videos on youtube on how to properly add a band to your wig.

Wearing a wig can be a fun way to try different styles and colors. So I hope that this guide helped you in some way or another on your journey to wig wearing.