3rd Trimester Maternity Photos

Photo by The Photography of Haley Katherine

I recently took my maternity pictures with one of my favorite photographers in the Wilmington, NC area The Photography of Haley Katherine. She has been doing my family portraits for the last couple of years. She always makes me feel so beautiful in her pictures, I can’t recommend her enough.

Finding a spot to take photos was a struggle, I had many ideas in my head on where to take them that didn’t pan out. I finally came up with the idea of doing them at Moores Creek because of its ties to the Oulander series. Then the government shutdown happened and axed that. Haley suggested Empie Park, so we went with that.

It turned out to be a great day for photos and the sun was perfect. We walked the trail and found a nicely wooded area to take photos in.


Photo by The Photography of Haley Katherine

Now let’s get into the details of this look. The dress is the Emerlie Gown in Velvet from Sew Trendy. I caught it on sale during pre-black Friday sales. It arrived way before my shot date, so I was happy with the shipping. I did feel it was tight when I first put it on but after putting it on again prior to my photos it fit perfectly. I also purchased a matching sash to wear with the dress. I got tons of compliments from people who saw me in the dress.


Photo by Me

For makeup I wanted a look that would pop with the dress. I decided to go for natural glam with a pop of color on the lips. Products used will be listed below.

Foundation: Too Faced Born This Way Spiced Rum

Concealer: Too Faced Concealer in Maple

Brows: Kat Von D brow pomade in Walnut

Eyes: Nars Amande concealer as base, Juvias Place Kano as a transition shade, Magnolia Makeup Sphinx as lid shade, and Juvias Place Mino in outer v

Liner: Certifye Black Liquid liner

Hightlight: Artist Couture La Peach and Black Up Jennie Jenkins #2 mixed together

Blush: Nars Outlaw

Setting powder: Laura Mercier Medium Deep translucent

Contour: Fenty Beauty contour stick

Lipstick: Coloured Raine matte liquid lipstick in Cherry Blossom


Photo take by the hubby

For my hair, I wanted big bold natural textured wand curls. I used my trusty wand curler to curl my entire head. It took about 50 minutes to complete the look. I also added a shea butter sheen spray to give my hair a little shine. I then finger combed the curls to give it a looser effect.

Now we start the countdown until we meet our little man in a couple of weeks.

Baby Howell