Babies First Cold

Ugh how did we get here so quickly, little man is only 3 weeks old and he has already caught a bug from a visit.

The first cold for your newborn can be a scary situation for parents especially if it happens to be your first. We noticed Alex sounded a little congested around two nights ago. The next morning I noticed a little mucus in his nose, so we got to work googling solutions to ease a cold in a fresh little baby.

The first line of defense was to pull out my Little Babies Saline Spray. Basically you spray a little up their nostril wait about 30 seconds then use the suction tool of choice to get all the loosened nastiness. I used the bulb for a few seconds but decided I needed something else. The hubby went to the baby medical draw and pulled out the Nose Frida. This thing is cool and it is amazing at pulling out mucus from babies nose. I definitely would recommend this to any new parents. Just make sure you have it snapped on all the way otherwise as you help to suction out babies nose you may taste a little snot yourself.

After clearing out his nose, we turned on our Safety 1st 360 Cool Mist humidifier. It has two valves that can spray in multiple directions and it shouldn’t need to be refilled until you have used it for 24 hours. After a day and night of this he started sounding a little better. We contacted our pediatrician just to make sure we were doing all we could. They assured us that we were doing everything correctly but did suggest we add an incline to his mattress (we placed a rolled swaddle blanket underneath) to help with drainage.

According to Dr Google its best to contact your pediatrician when a baby under 3 months shows symptoms of a cold. Immediately call your Dr if baby is showing signs of fever, projectile vomiting, showing signs of weight-loss, or showing signs of distress. This can be a sign of something more serious than a cold and baby may need to be hospitalized.

All of this is to say that though it may be scary, you will get through this cold and the many other colds you will have to deal with as you raise your child.