A Game of Thrones Nursery

Why a Game of Thrones nursery? Well we love the show and thought it would be cute to translate the house sigils into a childs room.


I started off drawing a mural on the wall. I included a wolf (Stark), lion (Lannister), dragons (Targaryen), stag (Baratheon), octopus instead of a kraken (Greyjoy), and a crow (Nightswatch).

My soror Taylor helping out

I decided to go with a normal looking tree, I felt it would transition better as he gets older.

I took inspiration from a photo of a mural I found on Pinterest.

Inspiration picture

After drawing the mural out, I got a local artist (her Ig is @km.fineart.faceart) who I follow to paint it out for me. I was super pregnant and this would be the quickest way to get the job done.

The colors we choose for the room were to give it a wintry feel. We went with light blue for the walls, white furniture and grey flooring. All of the blankets, curtains, and pillows are tones of grey as well.


We had this horrible stain filled carpet in the room and knew we needed to redo it before the baby came. The flooring we choose was from Lowes. My husband and a few friends put it down one weekend. It was super simple to install and we caught it on sale. We ended purchasing around 8 boxes of the flooring to complete the entire room.

Putting it all Together

For blinds we choose a cordless set also from Lowes that ran around $30 a box. The curtains we choose were from Amazon and they ran around $20 a pair.

The artwork came from various etsy shops and paintings done by myself or friends.

They even cut a tentacle off for Theon Greyjoy in the picture if you look closely.

One of our favorite characters in the show is Lyanna Mormont so we have tons of bears sitting on shelves and placed around the room to represent her. The bear in the picture was given to us by my 8 year old niece (she is the sweetest).

The side table was gifted to us by Delta Children. Its the Farmhouse nightstand in white and can be purchased from Target. The rocking chair set was given to us by Jasons mom. Its actually the chair she rocked her three kids in. She had it reupholstered. The man she hired did a great job on giving these pillows a new life.

My crib and dresser were also purchased from Target and they are from the Delta Children brand.

Baby Cameras

For our all over peace of mind, we went with the Wyze cam purchased through Amazon. It has great night vision, free cloud storage, two way audio, and no subscription fee.

I was also sent a crib camera from Lollipop. This camera has cry, temperature, and noise detection. It is wifi based and will only record when an event is triggered.

Homemade Dragon eggs

I think the room turned out really well, and Alex enjoys looking around at all the colors and art. Did you have a theme for your child’s nursery if so what was it?