Henna Results

Woke up this morning after missing church, to start my henna process. After letting the henna sit in my window sill for around 14 hours. I washed my hair with my Shea Moisture shampoo beforehand. I then dried my hair a little bit, then sectioned off in sections. I then took my henna out of its ziploc bag and added honey and olive oil to condition while it sits in my head for the next 8 hours. Since I have highlights throughout my hair, the red from the henna will show up more so than it has before. 

This is my 3rd time using this brand of henna. It did leave a gritty feeling in my hair as I was rinsing it out. Regardless of that my curls were well defined even before fully rinsing it out. I then shampooed with Shea Moisture, and conditioned with my tresseme naturals. After I rinsed that out I deep conditioned with the Aussie 3 minute miracle ( I love the way this stuff feels in my hair). I then set my hair in twists and put bantu knots throughout.

My hair looks thicker, its richer, my highlights are more vibrant, my hair is soft. I certainty would recommend this to anyone looking for a great body art quality henna to use. 

When choosing a henna brand to use, look for body art quality ones. Henna only comes in one color, anything else has other things you may not want in your hair. Some of these other hennas may contain harsh metallics, that may damage your hair in the long run.

Have any you girls experienced bad results with henna, if so what were they?