Pjism: Shea Mositure Curling Souffle

Do you like flax seed gel, do you like agave nectar, do you like sticky jello like substances, then Shea Moisture Curling Souffle may be for you! I have read and seen many horrible reviews for the product. When I got my first jar a couple of months ago, I hated it too. I remember washing my hair, and trying to rake it through, only to create a hot sticky mess on my head. Every time I would try to use it, my hair would feel overly sticky and weighed down.

It was only after almost finishing with that first jar, did I find a way to use it that works for my hair. I currently use it in very small quanities when I am doing slick back styles,updos, or twists outs to help give my hair some shine and controll. Because if you are a natural with type 4 hair you know about the struggle to make your hair shine, with out leaving Soul Glo stains everywhere you lay your head. I have found that using this product this way makes my ends feel better in twist outs, leave extraordinary shine to my sometime dull hair, and adds sleekness when doing updos.

I used it to help create hold for my twists and then created a hump in the front. I also used  it to slick the back down.

Used it for my twist out to create shine, and slight hold.