Blushing Beauty

I love blushes, I remember the first beauty product I ever tried was this fashion fair blush in like a dark red color that my mom had. I know a lot of women of color, especially black women fear the blush. Mostly because so many people put it on wrong, or put to much on without blending it out. I mean have you seen the way Little Kim looks lately, I don’t know who does her makeup but she should fire them pronto.

Putting on blush should not put you into a panic attack, it should make you feel like you have a beautiful natural flush from within. I will admit, I have had moments where I put to much on and went outside looking like boo boo the clown. To be honest everyone has had a moment when their makeup didn’t look like they thought it did (practice makes perfect). You know what I learned from it and learned to put it on with a light hand, a little bit at a time to build-up to the intensity I want it to be at. To apply my blush, I use a blush brush from Eco tools to lightly pack on the color.  

If you are scared of color use light colors first just so you can get a natural look, and work your way up to more intense colors. If you head to the Mac counter, and you happen to be women of color they will more than likely tell you to try Razin $20.00 at Mac (described as a golden reddish brown matte blush) as your first blush. It was my first blush from Mac and I still love and use it to this day. I have had this same blush for around 3 years now, and still haven’t hit pan all the way yet.
Maybe you are one of those women who have already been wearing blush for a while, well then do you know that orange colored blushes look fabulous on brown skin. Don’t be scared girl, its time to get out of that beauty rut you may have found yourself in and step out the box. A beautiful orange color you could try would be Nyx Cinnamon $3.99 at Ulta. It leaves a light flush from within look on brown skin. Honestly, even if you are scared give it a try. I promise you won’t look crazy, orange just looks so regal against our skin.
Mac Coppertone

If you have money to burn and want to invest in a highly pigmented blush that also falls in the orange family then go ahead and scoop up Nars Taj Mahl  $28.00. It is described as a burnt orange color. I have seen many reviews for this product on Youtube and finally spent the money to purchase it. I am glad I did though, its a beautiful color on the skin. Another orange looking color is Mac Coppertone, which is hands down my favorite blush and I try to wear it all the time.

Lastly, if you want to try something completely out the box, then look no further than a purple blush. It sounds crazy, your thinking Kameko girl what you talking about purple on my skin something ain’t right. Well, i am not kidding purple like orange looks fantastic on women of color and darker skin tones all around. A few purples I own that are great to wear are Macs Vibrant Grape, Evening Stroll, and Loverush (it is also being discontinued soon so get it before its gone) which is more of a plummy color. Hopefully, you will step out the box and try some new colors. If you do send me a link to see!!
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