Look at that Hoochie Belladonna!

While in the mountains two weeks ago, I got bored and started browsing the net. I ended up on Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (or OCC). I window shopped for a while, then finally decided to purchase Hoochie and Belladonna.
I got my liptars in about 4 business days. It seemed like forever though waiting that long. When I got them and opened them up the peppermint smell was a pleasant surprise. The product was easy to squeeze out. When it says you only need a drop, they are not lying. One drop completely covered both of my lips with opaque coverage.

I used Belladonna on my paintings lips 🙂

It took a few minutes for it to dry down completely though. Once it did it dried down to a matte finish. After eating and drinking throughout the day I only had minimum transfer of the liptar. It lasted for about four hours before I would have needed to reapply. I wore Belladonna all day Saturday, I will wear Hoochie Wednesday since thats my next day off. Overall I liked everything about them,from the consistency, to the smell, to the coverage it all worked for me. OCC will definitely be repurchased very soon like Thursday lol.

with flash Belladonna and Hoochie

without flash