Who needs airbrushing when you have this!

Pinterest is a girls best friend. This site will keep you occupied for hours on end. It will have running to Hobby Lobby at all times of the day to do somekind of project. But once you have pried yourself away from the Diy section, you may notice that there is also a hair and beauty section. Well I’ve noticed.

So a couple of days ago, I ran across a pin on how to get an airbrush look with out the airbrush. You probably have everything you need all in your beauty bag already. First off you need foundation, moisturiser  and primer. You need to mix equal parts of each together, I do it on the top if my hand since it also helps to warm the product up. I then use my elf powder brush to buff the mixture into my skin. I have been doing this everyday for the last couple of days and my makeup has been looking amazing.

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