My top 10 favorite eyeshadows.

With the amount of makeup I own it’s hard to choose just ten favoritespecially out the bunch. But I will give it a try.
1. Mac Amber Lights
It is a very flattering gold color. It was the first eyeshadow I purchased from Mac. I wore this eyeshadow with everything when I first got it.
2. Mac Coppering
This was my go to color to mix with Ambrer lights. Omg you couldn’t tell me nothing because I wore that color combo to death.

3. Mac Humid
A nice dark green. I love mixing it with goods and browns.

4. Mac Deep Truth
A beautiful deep somewhat shimmery blue. I love mixing this with Macs Moons Reflextion or even using a blue purple color like Contrast in the crease with it.
5. Mac Texture
A skintone brown with slight shimmer. Great for creating a bridge color for my looks.
6. Mac Shimmermoss
I am a self-described teal lover. It is my favorite color to wear and my 3rd most favorite color in general. I like using this on the lid and adding deeptruth on the outer v.
7. Loreal Hip Duo
This little mix includes a great teal and a deep matte blue color. Obviously since I love my teal, I would live this. It is a little darker than shimmermoss. d
8. Mac Woodwinked A great light shimmery gold toned shadow. It is a great color to use when you want a neutral look that still packs a nice color. 9. Mac Motif It is a gold pink Duotone shadow. This used to be my go to tear duct color to mix with amber lights and coppering. Depending on what you use near it, it may show more pink or gold. 10. Mac Expensive Pink It is a pink with gold throughout. It is another color I love using on the tearducts. I also like to use it on the lid. This list could go on and on for me but I wanted to keep it short and sweet.

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