Darkened Berries

Top lip 919b with occ belladonna in center, bottom is just 919b

For those nights you just feel like getting a little mysterious, or vampy I have a lipstick for you. I love fall because it gives me a reason to pull out all my dark lipsticks. This little baby I have on retails for $1.99 and most of the time you find it on bogo at most pharmacys. I use to bypass Wet n Wild products, because honestly I was a makeup snob. If it wasn’t Mac, it wasn’t touching my face. Now that I have been doing this a while, I got over my Mac monopoly and branched out to all other brands. The name of the color is 919B, it is a darkened purple color with a matte finish. This lippie is also an exact dupe to a very popular Mac color named Smoked Purple. So if you are up for trying new colors, that may be out of your comfort zone then this is definitely one to try.
If its to dark for you add a little bit of a light purple in the middle and blend out. It looks amazing, I did that with my OCC Belladonna liptar before work.

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