Poo who!

So you have learned about cowashing, and have probably googled it by now. You have probably seen people mention that when they plan to shampoo their hair they will PREPOO the hair before hand. Prepooing is all about placing oils, like olive or coconut in the hair and allowing it to sit before shampooing.
This allows the hair to maintain a good oil level once you shampoo the hair. Since essentially shampoo is stripping the hair of everything oil and dirt. You are making sure that your hair won’t be a dry kinky mess after your shampoo. If you plan on prepooing before a shampoo, I suggest parting the hair in for sections. Once parted, apply oil to the hair and work it through make sure that at this time that you are also detangling the hair as you go through. This helps to prevent fairy knots aka those little knots that appear in your hair sometimes. I would then twist up each section into about four twists. This way you end up with twelve twists on your head and then you head to the shower to wash it out. Twisting the hair before shampooing helps to prevent fairy knots from forming since the hair will not be able to tangle up upon itself. Which leaves your hair happier!

Do you Prepoo your hair, or will you start?