my very own #ABG moment

Earlier during the day my hair had been in a cute little roll and tuck style, but I fell asleep and rolled around a lot during my nap ^_^. Anyway I had to work some overtime tonight and honestly didn’t feel like doing much other than froing this head out. You know that feeling when you know you look cute, I fluffed my hair up a little bit and walked out the door. So I get to work and the first thing out this lady mouth is “Whats up with your hair”? I was like huh? She then repeated “your hair its all big and poofy”, she then pointed to my id picture and was like “what happened to that hair”. My id picture was taken three years ago in my long luxurious weave phase. I guess she was sensing that my offense level was rising so she added “its so curly”. I then had to tell her that this is the way my hair grows, and she was like “is that all your real hair” Yes heffer it is, this is what im saying inside my head. She then stated it is getting popular again as I walked away. She just kept going on and on about how its so different, and she was not use to me looking like this.

You know that confident black woman who was proud of her hair…poof gone. Thats all it took, to make me feel some kind of way about the hair I was born with. One little comment caused me to pat my hair down just a bit to not appear so big, and you what thats crazy. I guess in my head when she was saying whats up with your hair, I heard your hair is looking a hot ass mess.  I see now why people can run back to relaxers so quick once they go natural. This won’t be me, but if I had to hear things like this constantly I don’t know how my confidence level would be when it comes to my hair. I never have heard anything bad about my hair ever. I love to wear my hair big, the bigger the better. When I first went natural, I would pick it to death to get some height to it. I walked around with my head held high, knowing that people would either hate it or love it and I didn’t care. This is that confidence level you need as a natural haired black woman.
I read the debates about is natural hair for everyone on the FB groups, blogs, and forums.  I see all the comments about the remarks people get about their hair. The slave comments, the nappy headed, the you must not have money for a weave comments. Honestly I don’t think its for everyone. Natural hair takes a different mindset, than when you were relaxed. Even with that I wouldn’t trade the hair on my head for nothing in the world. I have written all this just to say that you have to love the hair on your head no matter what it looks like. You have to learn to be so confident in yourself, that comments like the one I heard today won’t affect you at all. I just have to take this little incident in stride and get over it, I guess im sensitive about my hair.

P.S. I may have over reacted inside my mind as she mad these comments but she was making the ugly face as she asked the questions.