Black Friday Makeup Haul

So the only makeup product that I purchased on Black Friday happened to be Magnolia Makeup products. I have been hearing so many great things, about this business down in New Orleans and have been waiting for another sale to try there products out. Well the pigments they have usally run $10.00 a piece but were on sale for 50% off. The makeup addict in me was having a field day, but the soon to be wife on a budget had to pump the brakes and give myself a limit. I decided to only spend $50.00. I picked up a nice array of shades and finishes. I can’t wait for them to arrive on my door step in a couple of days. How about they processed and shipped my order on the same day. The big name brands need to take a page from there book and learn about that fast customer service.

P.S while at work today I ordered 4 more ok now i’m done 🙁

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