A day with my makeup idol….Alexandra Butler

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a makeup class in Charlotte. The class was held by the Alexandra Butler. She is the lady behind some of the makeup on Love and Hip-hop Atlanta. She is an extraordinary makeup artist with unbelievable skill. The class was from 1pm-5pm it ran a little over due to issues that occurred with the venue. Before the class started we mingled and enjoyed sandwiches and cupcakes. Alex is very personable and really wants to make sure you are enjoying yourself. (She is a hugger lol) When it comes to her craft her passion and determination to shines through. The class was held for people of all makeup skills, to give you a basis on achieving perfection.

The class started with an overview about skincare. She then went over the basics of creating a flawless face. You learned about filling in brows, proper concealer use, primers, applying lashes, contouring, basically every thing you need to know. It was great to see a person you look up to giving you insight into how to enhance the beauty of yourself and others. Now let me tell you about all the items we received, for a while I felt like I was on Oprahs favorite things! Left and right we kept getting all kinds of makeup items. We got brushes, eyeshadow, gloss, brow kits, mascara, makeup wipes, makeup remover, you name it we probably got it.
The class was set to insure an intimate setting. All the members of the class felt at ease with asking questions. There were questions about milk of magnesia, filling in brows, keeping lipstick off teeth, finding your concealer shade, eye shapes, etc. It was a wonderful experience and I plan on taking another class next year. Ms. Butler has plans on having classes next year that will be hands on, and you will also be able to earn certificates from. I took a few pictures and recorded a few short 30 second clips.
All in all if Alexandra Butler comes to your town offering a class, hop no run and jump on that. I know I can’t wait till March because she is doing the makeup for my entire bridal party!!! She is a very humble and deserving person of all that she is achieving and I can only hope to achieve what she has and more one day!