TLB: Makeup Lover of the Week

Every Monday I will feature, either a natural hair beauty or a makeup lover of the week. This week I am featuring an up and coming makeup artist Ms. Ayeshia Harris. 

1. .What is your name, age, and where are you from?

Ayeshia Harris but known as Star or Fi Fi, 37 years young, I was raised in Mount Vernon home of the Queens in Baltimore, Maryland.

2. Why did you start doing makeup?

 I started doing makeup because i always adored painted faces.. the colors and sharpness of a beat face fascinated me… i was always into beauty and fashion, but makeup had my heart. Also my friends would ask me to their makeup and hair all the time. They felt as though my makeup looked good,and they wanted the same. Seeing the look of people faces when I am done painting brings so much joy to me. 

3. Who are your makeup inspirations?

My inspiration is honestly every makeup artist. They all  inspire me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its so many people I cannot even begin to name them all.

4.  Do you feel your style has changed since you started wearing makeup?

 I do feel as though my style have changed since i started doing makeup. When I first slapped color on my lids!!! Lawd!!!! it was tragic. I swear it looked like finger paint on my lids! I had big swipes of color all the way to my eye brows, shimmer in the wrong places( for my eye shape), and  my colors had no blend. Currently, I do not wear color to my lids lol, I am a lot more conservative with my makeup. I still do wear color but more appropriate for my eye shape. 

5. Favorite brand?

My favorite brand by far is M.A.C , they have many affordable options. 

6. Five products you can’t leave home with out?

My five items you will never see me without my Skai Ryan cosmetics lip gloss in peanut, M.A.C fix+, M.A.C extended play mascara, M.A.C spiked eye brow pencil, Urban Decay liquid liner in perversion. 

7.   Favorite makeup look?

Nude with heavy eye liner. that way I can go from day to night if needed.

8. What advice would you give to new make up artists or lovers?

As far as advice for new MUA and MU lovers….. invest in what you love, never dupe it.. my new MUA invest in theatrical makeup. and do buy hues of makeup focus on primary colors and mix up to get the color you are trying to achieve. 

9. What’s one product every woman should own?

One product ever woman should own!! a deep deep blacker than black mascara!!!!!

10.  A few makeup tips?

 try something at least once.. whether it be a red lip or colorful eye makeup.

11. Ways to stay connected online?

you can catch me on, starkittyvixen on instagram and twitter. 

12. How can we contact you for makeup services?

13. Anything else you would like to add!

just be inspired!!!! 

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