Depotting your eyeshadows into a Zpalette

The Pro Zpalette holds 33 Mac shadows

Last night I took on the undertaking of de-potting most of my Mac eye shadows. At first I tried to just pry them out with a knife, but that didn’t work well. So I moved on and turned my old flat iron on.

How to:

1. Get an old knife and use it to pop the top portion of the shadow out.
2. Place the shadow on top of the flat iron, this heats up the glue holding the pan in place.
3. After about a minute or two, take the shadow off.
4. Use that same knife now to gently nudge the pan out of the container. Be careful it will be hot!!!
5. Allow to cool off some and use some alcohol to wipe off any excess glue from the bottom of the pan.
6. For Mac shadows the pan isn’t metal so you have to place the metal stickers on the bottom in order for them to stay in the Z-palette or any palette of that type.

Then repeat as needed. I plan on ordering another to place all my blushes in to save tons of room on my desk. It got old quick though after doing this about 40 times last night.

After finishing, I counted all my old Mac items up and placed them in a bag. This morning I took 40 items back to mac. Mac has a program where they recycle empty containers, and in exchange you get a free lipstick from counters or lipstick/eyeshadow/or lipstick from actual stores. I got six free lipsticks for taking back all those items 🙂

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