Natural hair tees

So I have become one of those naturals that wants all kinds of Natural Hair shirts. I am pretty sure that I have purchased about 5 over the last couple of weeks. I don’t want the kinds with all these tacky saying and what not though. I want shirts that tell a story or have a message.

The first three shirts I purchased were from these are not your highly overpriced tshirts that you may see from other places. He knows that people are not trying to spend all that money on a shirt. I purchased three shirts and only paid about $18 for all of them. I ordered these shirts over the Thanksgiving holiday, it did take a while to be shipped out which the owner stated was because of a problem with a printing press. The shirts come true to size and fit the curves of my body well. I have worn the shirts I got from him more than any others. Another thing I love is that they are super local to me. The owner is always coming out with new shirt designs. Heck I just ordered two more last week. Can’t wait to get them head on over to Real Natural Tees  facebook page and tell him I sent you.

The next place I purchased tshirts from was Naturally Supreme. offers urban high fashion types of natural shirts. My fiancee actually got me two shirts from them for birthday. I always feel cool wearing them around. They are higher priced the two I got were $30 and $25.

I also purchased shirts from Natural Hair Don’t Care. I haven’t taken pics in those yet but I will. I ordered the Natural is the new black and the signurtue Natural hair don’t care shirt in yellow and blue. The shirts are priced at about $20.00 but they are cute.