YSL Shocking…Where have you been ALLLL my life

Two weeks ago, I was shopping on Sephoras website when I saw this mascara that I had seen reviews for a lot last year. It was kinda pricey coming in at $30.00 but I was willing to gamble this time so I could try it. Let me tell you this mascara is the business!!! It created thick long lashes for my eyes, giving me everything I want and more in a mascara. I applied three ample coats to my lashes and loved the way it looked. The mascara itself is a very deep dark black that makes your lashes look absouletly sexy and captivating. The wand grabs a hold of every lash perfectly. I built up great on my lashes as I applied the mascara. I know some people hate for there mascara to clump but I don’t mind a bit. I think this was due to my obsessive need to keep applying after I saw the first coat on 🙂

All in all, I will be buying it again. I will even add a few to my wedding registry, Im so not kidding.

Check out my video review down below!!

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