Drew by Beshe: Wig Review

So today the mailwoman gave me package with some goodies in it. I tore that thing open with a quickness ready to see what this hair would look like. I ordered three wigs in three very different out there at least for me colors. I decided since I won’t be dying my hair anymore, the best way to experiment was to order some hair. I had seen videos on YouTube for about a year now talking about this hair, and how awesome it was. Me being me, I fell for the hype and ordered away.

I ordered the colors in 1b/Purple, 4/30/27, and the DX30/27. I received the 1B/Purple and Dx30/27 today. The hair itself is very soft, the color options are great for those that want to experiment without damaging their own hair. I must admit, I don’t think I love the way the DX30/27 looks on me so Ill be giving that one away in my first giveaway!!! The 4/30/27 should be here by Friday, so we will see if I like that one. But lets talk about a color I do love, is the purple one. At first I thought I would feel weird wearing black and purple hair, but its cute. I wore it around the house today just to get used to it. I will say this the front pieces are long, so if you expect it to look like the cute cropped cute in the picture you will have to cut it like that yourself. I also cute the lace from the front of it. The wig does come with three clips, I used those to secure the hair and then pinned it down with a few bobby pins. I think I will go back and order a neutral color as well, so I can use it when I don’t feel like doing my hair.

Heres a 15 clip of the hair today when I put it on.

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Order yours from http://elevatestyles.com/p/beshe/404-beshe-synthetic-lace-front-wig-drew.html Tell them turtlelovesbeauty sent you