Sleek Natural Blunt Cut: West Kiss Hair Brazilian Straight

West Kiss Hair Brazilian Straight

@turtlelovesbeauty Brazilian straight hair wig

I was recently sent 4 bundles and a frontal from an Aliexpress company by the name of West Kiss Hair. I received their Brazilian Straight hair in the lengths 16/16/18/18 and a 16-inch frontal. The hair was shipped by DHL, a common courier for international orders and for Ali Express. It arrived within 3 days of its shipment date. The hair will run you $33.22 for the 16 inch bundles, $36.48 for the 18 inch bundles, and $66.76 for the 16 inch frontal. The total for the amount of hair I was sent to review would run you $206.16 which includes shipping fees as well.

Once the hair was received it was sent off to my sister, licensed cosmetologist & wig extraordinaire  The Queen Life: Hair by Tosheba George.   She resides in the Savannah, GA area and is a pro at closures, frontals, 360 units and more. She is a licensed colorist and can create any color combo your heart desires.

The frontal was bleached to a more natural skin tone color, the part was plucked for a more natural appearance, and the frontal was plucked a little more (it came pre plucked). She completed the wig within a few days and sent it back to me in NC.



  • Soft
  • Natural Luster
  • No smells
  • Easy to straighten/curl
  • No short hairs
  • Smooth cuticles
  • Does well in humid areas
  • Very thick bundles
  • Pre plucked frontal


  • None so far

After wearing this hair on and off for the last couple of weeks, I can honestly say it’s definitely worth the price. This hair looks extremely natural and no one can even tell that I’m wearing a wig, let along a frontal. When I originally had the unit made, I did not think about making a bob type unit. After my sister completed the unit, I requested a bob, which goes into my next point about this hair. IT’S EXTREMELY THICK!!! You get tons of hair for the money you are going to spend, but I should have only had her put in 2.5/3 bundles at the most. If I would have had her do this originally, she would not have had to go back and thin out the layers of the hair (which added extra work for her). Thinning out the layers created an even more natural-looking appearance for the hair.  


All in all, I absolutely love this hair! It performed well and I have not had any issues so far. I would recommend this brand to anyone wants some hair to purchase. Be sure to follow me on Instagram Turtle Loves Beauty that way you can keep up with updates on this hair.