Falling for BabbleBoxx

This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx.com

Its finally feeling somewhat fall like in NC and I’m ready for an upgrade to my routines. Thanks to Babbleboxx, I can do just that with this box of goodies selected just for me. I was so surprised when I first opened the box to find all of these items that I would wear in my normal everyday life.


Aveo is a contact lens company that is on a mission to change your experience while wearing lenses. I was sent a 30 day supply of lenses that I have now been wearing nonstop for two weeks. I love how they feel like absolutely nothing is in your eyes. My eyes also feel super moisturized when I wear them. If you are a monthly contact lens wearer like I am, then you know that unless you clean your lens properly daily they can become icky. I can’t tell you how many times, I thought I cleaned my lens well only to put them in and feel like grit was in my eyeball. With the Aveo lens, you don’t have to worry about clean up because you just throw them away after each wear. These lenses even feature UV and UVB block which protect your eyes from the sun and screen time.  After my 30 day supply is up, I will be signing up for a yearly subscription. You can sign up for an inexpensive monthly or yearly subscription to keep your eyes smiling without depleting your bank account.

Earth Brands

The two pairs of shoes I was sent were amazing. The first pair is Boomer in black multi. This was the shoe I was drawn to as soon as I opened the box. They looked so comfortable and the fabric made it something that I could dress up or down. This shoe has memory foam from heel to toe which makes the walking experience even better for someone like me. These shoes are perfect for any season and are one of the nicest pairs of women’s shoes I have owned in a long time. These are the shoes I will be suggesting to friends from now on.

The second pair I received was the Blaze shoe in olive. This shoe was different from the Boomer because it had a tighter fit. It almost feels like wearing a glove on your foot with the way the knit fabric and the leather conform to your foot. It also features memory foam inside which gives you a nice cushion to go about your day. I love just how fashion forward this pair is, you can rock this with all of your Fall themed looks with ease. These shoes give you comfort from the ground up, and with every purchase a tree is planted. I love when brands give back and this one is a beautiful incentive that will benefit the earth for multiple generations.

Summers Eve

Have you ever tried Summers Eve products? Personally, I haven’t tried Summers Eve products in a long time. After trying this combo of feminine care items, I can’t even tell you why I ever stopped using their items in the first place. The cleansing cloths were so easy to use and very discreet. I love that it has a very mild scent, and it felt refreshing just to be able to give myself a once over after a long day of hurricane relief. It also easy to pack a few in a bag, because they are individually wrapped. The feminine wash has a very delicate scent, and the lavender scent is amazing. The feminine wash rinses away odor-causing bacteria and leaves you without the sticky residue of soap. I think this combo of products, will be in heavy rotation in my daily routine from now on.


This isn’t your mom’s shapewear. When I opened the box, I immediately thought that someone had mistakenly sent me lingerie. I had to read the tags to confirm that it was indeed shapewear. Maidenform has been around since 1922 giving women options when it comes to intimate apparel. This body shaper has a built-in bra and gives you an hourglass look while smoothing your tummy and other problem areas.  The feminine detailing on this shaper, just made me want to wear it around the house. I felt so beautiful and sexy in it, nothing at all like other body shapers I have tried in the past. You can even wear this shaper in multiple ways whether that be classic, one shoulder, halter, criss-cross or strapless. I wore it to an event with the classic setting and it supported me very well. The shapewear had adequate midsection control and I felt comfortable the entire night. Maidenform has now been added to my list of places to shop for underwear from now on.

All in all, I must say that the items in this Babbleboxx were amazing. They definitely peaked my interest in some brands I had never heard of or have been skipping over because of preconceived notions.