Going Public, It’s a…Baby

My husband and I finally decided to let the world in on our (not so little) secret. Well mostly me, but he was cool with it lol. After losing two previous pregnancies, I just wanted to do things differently. I did not want people knowing quickly unless it was absolutely necessary. I wanted to keep this pregnancy to myself until I was at a point where my belly was doing the talking for me. Currently, I’m at that point. Thank goodness for cardigans because prior to this they were saving me from awkward questions.

Twig and Feather Photography

We enlisted the help of a wonderful photographer in the Wilmington area to do our pregnancy announcement photos. I will take photos for any occasion and for this I really wanted to celebrate this new life that is currently moving all around inside of me. It was a fluke accident that I happened to stumble across Twig and Feather Photography but once I saw her photos I knew I wanted her to take my maternity photos.

Since Hurricane Florence struck the area last month, I was worried about what the beaches would look like when we decided to take our photos. We wanted to take our photos at Fort Fisher since that is the place we took our engagement photos so many years ago. Luckily the area was still picturesque and full of other families taking pictures as well that day.

Twig and Feather Photography

When I posted our pregnancy announcement on Facebook, I added this bible verse that really resonated with me.

Isaiah 66:9 “ I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born”

Even with all of the tragedies that my family has experienced this year with the loss of Arya and my Dad two days apart, we have persevered. I truly believe to survive something like that speaks to the strength that those around us have. As a family, we made it out of the darkness and back into the light. With that light, our baby boy has made his presence know.

My husband and I are truly so excited to meet our little boy when he makes his arrival next year. We are grateful that this pregnancy has looked completely healthy for me and my little man. I couldn’t have prayed for an easier, stress-free experience.



Thanks to the hubby for the shots from my iPhone