Not your average diaper: Huggies Special Delivery

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Huggies®.



Huggies® Special Delivery™ diapers are now available at Walmart! You can find them at the end-aisle display in the baby section. As a new mom, I learned the importance of finding diapers that work for your baby quickly. We are a Huggies® household, so it wasn’t a big leap for us to be excited to try out these new diapers.



Huggies® Special Delivery™ diapers are the perfect diaper to catch all the messes your little one will create. When I first opened the box and felt the diapers, they were so soft. It really felt like you were holding something really special.



The diapers feature all of the things you already love about Huggies® but with plant-based* materials that are dermatologist tested. They offer 12-hour protection and the wetness indicator lets you know when you need to place a new diaper on.



I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not, but the first night we tried out the new diapers, Alex only woke up once. Maybe it was the superior leak protection with Huggies® Special Delivery™ diapers, or maybe he was just so comfortable. Whatever it was, we need more nights like that.



Huggies® Special Delivery™ diapers come in a variety of adorable designs to keep your baby dry, and stylish. Have you tried these diapers out? I know what I’ll be gifting my pregnant friends soon. Let me know in the comments what you look for in a diaper. Click here to shop these on


*23% by weight