About Me

Turtle Loves Beauty is a blog about everything…from beauty, fashion, hair, women’s health, lifestyle and more. This is a page where I can share my thoughts about all of the things I love.

I’m a little bit awkward…you can basically say I’m an introvert with extrovert tendencies. I love Sailor Moon, reading, writing, collecting makeup, and snatching wigs. I’m currently learning how to play the fiddle, and i’m in a band…An Irish Pipe and Drum band with the hubby. I play tenor drum.



My first love was my Youtube channel, you can some of my videos down below:




Quick facts about me:

I’m 31

Married (to my Irish potato, don’t worry he likes that pet name)

We met on Plenty of Fish, in 2011…he proposed at 10 months

Fur mama to a Yorkie, Doberman mix, and a Tabby cat. (my house has an over abundance of testosterone)

Slightly fluffy, but I’m working on my fitness

I love Starbucks, but I’m trying to cut back

Infertility advocate, and working on our TTC journey